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One Year, Buyers Only

You have to list, to last.

That’s a kind of old Realtor proverb. And there’s no reason to believe that it’s not true. You can’t make it as a buyers’ agent alone, they say.

This is an experiment

Starting now, I’m not taking listings in Nelson anymore, so I can exclusively work for buyers here.

That may seem crazy if you’re not from BC, but agency rules are different here. Our realtors can’t work with both buyers and sellers on the same purchase. Visit this link for our regulator’s explanation of BC agency rules.

In my business there’s a saying: “ You have to list to last”. And in the pre-pandemic world, that was true.

There’s another saying too “buyers are liars.”

Combine those 2 pieces of ‘common sense’ in real estate and my experiment is clearly a disaster waiting to happen- So I’m doing 3 things to mitigate the risk:


I’m confining this to a specific test area. I’m committing to no conflicts for buyers anywhere there. And yes, before you light up the comments I know what my test area looks like. But that’s gonna make it easier for both of us to remember, don’t you think?

experiment test area


I continue to offer my FULL LISTING & AGENCY SERVICES to Sellers outside the test area.

And I am NOW offering my VIDEO and 360 Marketing services (without agency) to test area and out-of-market sellers as a side hustle. So whether you’re selling without an agent, or using one who contracts out visual marketing services you can hire me (and my trusted partners) to make it all look good!

You can click here for a recent example of my Video Only services.


If you’re Selling your home in Nelson, contact me first. I’ll review your property and your situation and give you a 100% independent and 100% guaranteed referral to the right agent to help you. If you’re not satisfied, I’ll give you your money back, *guaranteed!

And if you’re Moving to anywhere else in BC and looking for the right agent to help you, contact me first and let me make an introduction to one of the dozens of star performers I know that service hundreds of BC market niches.

Referral Guarantee

I’m confident enough I can connect you with the right agent that if you’re not completely satisfied, the referral fee that would traditionally go to me, will go right back to you.

So what do you have to lose?


That’s how I’m going to do it. Now I want to talk about why.

Buyers are the ones facing serious challenges in the Nelson market right now, not sellers. 

In the BC interior at least, here in the middle of a pandemic, sellers are doing just fine.

Serious buyers on the other hand have never faced a more un-level playing field than right now.

Aside from the lowest mortgage rates in a generation, everything else is stacked against you:

  • Limited inventory
  • Un-regulated marketing
  • Skittish lenders
  • Government disincentives 

Plus very real climate change-related risks like floods and forest fires.

This is about making the difficult, challenging, and wonderful decision to Move to BC. a little bit easier, and about recognizing and dealing with the obstacles you might find in your way.

Welcome to the BC Buyers’ Experiment.