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    Kyle Kerr | Victoria Multi-Family

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BC Buyers' Experiment



How is this possible?


The Kootenay Real Estate Board now requires Realtors to enter images of both the CSA or BC Electrical number AND the MHR registration decal into our MLS system prior to

One Year, Buyers Only

You have to list, to last. That’s a kind of old Realtor proverb. And there’s no reason to believe that it’s not true. You can’t make it as a buyers’

One Year, Buyers Only

No Foreign Buyer’s Tax, Yet…

B.C. Finance Minister Carole James announces budget 2018. As of February 2020 Government Continues to Target Coastal Regions/Okanagan. Kootenays Left Untouched If you’re moving to BC you probably already know

Special Tips for the Bank of Mom & Dad

If you’re thinking about co-signing on your kids mortgage to help them get into a market that’s hard for them to crack on their own there’s one critical and easy

Special Tips for the Bank of Mom & Dad

Changes Coming to Uninsured Mortgages w/ Derek Diener

The OSFI has already imposed a 200 basis point stress test on purchasers that need to use mortgage insurance but now they’re going after uninsured borrowers in another attempt to

Changes Coming to Uninsured Mortgages w/ Derek Diener

Are more Albertan’s Moving West?

Here’s an interesting article about the potential causes of the increased heat in our local market. While Albertans may be a factor, I think a bigger factor is our current

Are more Albertan's Moving West?

The Shadow Flipping Scandal

I know that the skyrocketing price of real estate in Vancouver must be frustrating for anyone trying to get in to the market, and that when people get frustrated they

The Shadow Flipping Scandal

State of the Basin Report

The Kootenay Real Estate Board has been working on a growing partnership with the Columbia Basin Trust and specifically the Rural Development Institute and they’ve just released their 2015 “State