no-regrets-screen-capThinking about Selling Privately?

Realtors don’t hate FSBO, despite what some private real estate marketing agencies would have you believe. Some sellers do, of course, sell their properties on their own without the advice of Realtor successfully. But did you know that while the private marketer you’re considering is telling you that you don’t need a Realtor they are also reaching out to us Realtors and begging us to share their inventory with the customers we work with- the ones who do want professional representation? Imagine a do-it-yourself legal service that sells you legal forms and a template approach, telling you the court process is easy, while at the same time encouraging lawyers to sue you because you’re easy pickings. Does that make any sense?  My one suggestion to someone considering a private marketer is that you also learn what Realtors can do for you FROM Realtors, and make up your own mind about the value we bring to a transaction.